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Apprenticeships and work based learning qualifications in Childcare across West and South Yorkshire.

Learners - Childcare Apprenticeships

Whether you are a young person leaving school or college and planning to start a career in Childcare, or you already work within a Childcare setting and are looking to progress with your career, an Apprenticeship may be the right step for you to take to help to achieve your goals.


What is an Apprenticeship?
In brief, an Apprenticeship is a job with training. Apprentices are employed for a minimum of 30 hours a week and are paid a minimum of £2.65 per hour (this increases to £2.68 in October 2013). The Apprenticeship for the Children and Young People’s Workforce offered by Forward Steps Training is a framework of qualifications which includes the Certificate or Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce and Functional Skills in maths, English and ICT.

What if I don’t have a job at the moment?
Although you won’t be able to start the Apprenticeship until you have a job in a childcare setting, if you are ‘Apprenticeship ready’ we can help to find you suitable employment. We work very closely with employers across West and South Yorkshire to identify Apprenticeship opportunities and match suitable applicants with real vacancies.

What are the entry requirements for Apprenticeships at Forward Steps Training?
If you are looking to start a career in the Childcare sector through an Apprenticeship with Forward Steps Training, we ask that you have some experience within a formal childcare setting so that you can be sure that working with children is right for you, for example, a work experience placement in a nursery whilst you were at school, or perhaps voluntary work.  Our Apprentices also need to be prepared to work hard (Childcare is not an easy option), must enjoy working with people, and have a good standard of maths and English. Those who have previously achieved a degree will not be eligible for government funding to complete an Apprenticeship programme.

When could I start an Apprenticeship? Do I have to wait until September?
No. As long as you are not engaged in any other government funded training or education, and you are aged 16 or above, you can start an Apprenticeship with Forward Steps Training at any time throughout the year. We have new learners starting with us every week.

How long do Apprenticeship courses take to complete?
The duration of the course will vary depending on the individual, but on average the Intermediate Apprenticeship (level 2) will take approximately 12 months to complete, and the Advanced Apprenticeship (level 3) will take on average 20 months.

Will I have to attend a college or a training centre?
No. All learning will be carried out within the employer’s setting.


Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances and eligibility for government funded training options.